What We Use

We use only non-toxic products to avoid any health or environmental safety risks. By using non-toxic products, we help keep harmful agents out of your home, the atmosphere, and local bodies of water. Although non-toxic products require a little extra effort, in our experience they work just as well as their toxic counterparts.


For cleaning plastic, metal, ceramic and glass. We use a diluted solution to ensure that it won't tarnish surfaces.

Vinegar is an effective antibacterial and natural alternative to bleach. Click here to learn more.

For cleaning polished wood and stone surfaces, as well as floors.

Sal Suds is a natural concentrate made from fir needle and spruce essential oils. Click here for reviews.

As a mild abrasive for scrubbing sinks and tubs.

Bon Ami is made from a combination of plant-based agents, limestone, feldspar, soda ash and baking soda. Click here for reviews.

For removing sticky residue from stovetops, oven hoods, and a variety of other surfaces.

Citrasolv is made primarily from Limonene, which comes from the peel of oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits. Click here for reviews.