Late Cancellations

We charge an $80 cancellation fee for cancellations made without at least 48 hours advance notice. Cancellations include:

  • Last-minute rescheduling
  • Forgetting your appointment
  • Forgetting to provide a means of entry
  • Providing a faulty means of entry

If a crew arrives at your home and can't get in, they will wait a total of 15 minutes before leaving.

There are a number of things we don't do. These include:

  • Cleaning dishes 
  • Cleaning oven interiors
  • Cleaning window exteriors
  • Cleaning garages
  • Cleaning animal or human waste
  • Cleaning homes with a recent history of infestation
  • Removing hazardous materials
  • Moving large appliances or furniture
  • Extensive organizing/decluttering
  • Washing/changing bed sheets

Things we don't do

While we do our best to estimate timeframes accurately, unfortunately we don't always hit the mark.

In some cases, your crew will have extra time available in their schedule to finish the job, and in other cases they won't. If your crew has extra time, they'll check in with you for approval before going over the high end of the estimate.

If your crew isn't able to finish the job and they don't have extra time available, you're welcome to schedule a follow-up appointment. In that case, we'll send a crew back as soon as possible.


Requests to make changes to your appointment (e.g. adding cleaning tasks) must be made at least 48 hours in advance. We cannot guarantee requests made outside of this window.

Please note, requests must be submitted to Ownership directly. Verbal or written requests made to your crew, without prior discussion with Ownership, will not be accepted as valid service orders.

Request Window

Misses & Refunds

If your crew misses something, or doesn't meet your expectations for cleaning in some way, we'll offer you the following options:

  • A 30-min refund
  • A free 30-min touch-up cleaning

Please note, we do not offer refunds for late arrivals, or for your crew needing more time than expected.

Importantly, refund requests are subject to review by Ownership, and are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Our lead cleaners use a timekeeping app on their phone to track time for billing. They will clock in when entering your home, and clock out when leaving. All clocked time is rounded to the nearest 15 minutes.

If a crew clocked 2 hours 22 minutes at your home, for example, you would be charged 2 hours 15 minutes. If they clocked 2 hours 23 minutes, you would be charged 2 hours 30 minutes, etc.


If your crew accidentally breaks or damages something valuable in your home, we will file a claim through our insurance to reimburse you.

In order to file the claim we'll need:

  • A photo of the broken item or damage
  • A receipt if you've replaced the item, or an estimate for repairs

If the claim is rejected, you may be reimbursed by Ownership directly. Please note that Ownership reserves the right to conduct an in-person inspection before offering reimbursement.

Broken Items

In the case of heavy snowfall or unsafe driving conditions, we may have to cancel your appointment. We'll try to provide as much advance notice as possible for cancellations, and will offer to reschedule you as soon as we can.

Winter Weather

Out of respect for privacy, our crews do not enter rooms with closed doors. If you'd like a particular room cleaned, please leave the door open.

Closed Doors