Our Staff / by Eric Rogers

Having run White Lotus for nearly four years now, the thing that I've found most challenging is finding good, reliable people. People who will not only show up, but who care about their work. Believe me when I tell you this: it's not easy. To all the other business owners out there: I'm sure you can relate.

What I appreciate most about our current staff is their receptiveness to feedback and desire to constantly improve. They've proven this to me in many ways, and I'm so thankful to have them on board. Without them, White Lotus wouldn't exist.

These are the people who are doing the dirty work of cleaning homes day in and day out. They're what make this company work, and ultimately, they're what keep our clients coming back. I get compliments and positive feedback all the time from clients about the great work our staff is doing, and I make sure to share it with them. After all, they should know!

For me, staff will always be a top priority. I know that if my staff is treated and compensated well, our clients will be taken care of. To those of you who share this sentiment and support me in this endeavor, I thank you.